Natural Methods for How to Determine the Sex of Your Baby

When trying to conceive, how to determine the sex of your baby is often a popular point of interest for many couples. Due to the advances in technology and the furthering of scientific knowledge, the options available for gender selection are much more sundried than before.

High-tech methods raise several concerns, both expense- and health-wise. For instance, IVF can result in a multi-pregnancy as opposed to just one baby, which can complicate matters. It is also the most expensive of the procedures, and, while other methods are less costly, they are also less of guaranteed.  All of them are inconvenient, if for no other reason than having to have artificial implantation or artificial insemination.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the natural methods on how to determine the sex of your baby, which includes some of the common old wives’ tales, such as the effect sexual positions have on gender, and the more scientifically-sound methods of ovulation timing and dietary changes.

How to Determine the Sex of Your Baby

To begin, the idea that sexual positions effect gender arises from the cervix location in relation to the sperm discharge. Another thought is that, in different positions, the pathway may be more or less obstructed. Due to the effects diet, time of ovulation, and the lifespan of the male-causing sperm to girl-causing sperm have on the matter, sexual positions for how to determine the sex of your baby can be completely foiled.

Nonetheless, they say that to give the Y chromosome the edge, rear entry, intercourse should be employed, and, for the X chromosome, the missionary position should be used.

The next natural method for gender selection is known as the Shettles method. This technique is the most popular of the techniques based on the woman’s ovulation. This kind of natural family planning encourages timing intercourse for the purposes of achieving the gender you desire. The idea is that female-causing sperm move slower but live longer, and male-causing sperm are faster but have a shorter lifespan.

When basing your gender selection around a woman’s ovulation time then, you should have intercourse two to four days before ovulation, as the male-causing sperm will have died off by the time the egg can be fertilized and therefore only the female-causing sperm will be around to do its thing. For a boy, you should have sex as close as possible to the time of the woman’s ovulation, and often, because the faster male-causing sperm are most likely to reach the egg first.

The final method I will discuss for how to determine the sex of your baby is based on the acid-alkaline content of the vagina for making it more inviting to a specific gender-causing sperm. To make the vagina friendlier to male-causing sperm, you should increase the alkaline content of the pH balance of the vagina. If you want a girl, you should focus on raising the acid content of the vagina. This is mainly done through diet, but can be helped through specific ingredient agents in douching.

There is no 100% guarantee when it comes to how to determine the sex of your baby, but you can increase your odds in the favor of the gender you want through natural, safer, and less expensive methods, and may make the experience much more enjoyable to you.